My name is Ivan Ivec and I come from Croatia.
I'm a teacher of mathematics with a PhD degree in mathematics.
I'll present here my IQ tests and other activities. See home page.

My IQ tests are devoted to measuring IQ in the 120-190 range, and that
is not exact science. In 2015 I decided to postpone future development of
new IQ tests. Namely, I believe that intelligence is only one kind of gift,
and that for success in any field you need three things:
gift, work/training and happiness.
Besides, IQ tests are somewhat subjective and
measure only some aspects of intelligence.
Please take my IQ tests at your own risk.

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Correcting IQ tests: daily
Updating the site: Saturdays
Answering questions: be patient

Please read carefully test taking information.

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My IQ Tests (with number of testees in parentheses):

Premium class:

    Numodyssey (15+8)
    Vercenthon (7+7)

Basic class:

SPEED (33)
LSHR (72)
LSHR Light (119)
LSHR Classic (30)
Triplex (50)
Triplex Light (34)
Einplex (88)
HI-Qlass (25)
Daster (37)
FREE Fall (47)
Lipt (39)
Pert (53)

Online Tests
* Joint work with Theodosis Prousalis, Greece.

11.1.2015. WIC 2015 started
23.2.2015. WIC 2016 started
24.2.2015. Correlations with LS36
18.3.2015. IVIQ 16 started

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